United States Ponies

     Around five hundred different My Little Ponies were available in US stores between 1982 and 1992. Though they were sold individually, each pony was part of a set of ponies who shared similar colors, features, or symbols. Below is a complete list of the pony sets that were available in US stores. (The sets are arranged here by Hasbro Years rather than calendar years, since this was the way Hasbro developed and released new ponies.)

     Almost every pony came with a brush, comb, or hairpick and a ribbon, and many ponies came with other accessories as well, especially during the first few years of production. Click the links for pictures, names, colors, symbols, mint-in-package photos, and information on accessories and variations.

     (Note: Most of the ponies sold in US stores were also available in Europe or other countries, and a few were also sold through mail-order offers, often with different accessories.)


Year 1

     Year 1 was the first real year of My Little Ponies, although the My Pretty Pony had been released the year before. First Year ponies are very simple, and were all printed in the same pose (the Flatfoot Pose) and sold with only one accessory, a comb.

Year 2

     Year 2 saw the introduction of the first Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies, the first Baby Pony, and the first My Little Pony playsets. Seven new poses were carved for this year. Almost every Second Year pony came with a brush, a ribbon, and a scented sticker, and some came with other accessories as well.
     Year 2 poses: Collector Pose, Bow-Tie Pose, Bubbles Pose, Moondancer Pose, Glory Pose, Firefly Pose, Sea Pony Pose, Baby Ember Pose.

Year 3

     Year 3 ponies followed the patterns set by Year 2: new Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Baby Ponies, Sea Ponies, and playset ponies were printed. This year also saw the introduction of the Baby Sea Ponies and the release of the first Megan doll. As in Year 2, ponies continued to come with a brush or comb, a ribbon, and a sticker, as well as other accessories.
     Year 3 poses: Tootsie, Posey, Gusty, Powder, Surprise, Baby Blossom, Baby Cuddles, Baby Glory, Baby Surprise, Tiny Bubbles, Backstroke, and a new Sea Pony head.

Year 4

     Several new types of ponies came out in Year 4. All of the adult ponies printed in Year 4 were either So Soft or Twinkle-Eyed, all of the babies were Beddy-Bye-Eye, and all of the Sea Ponies were pearlized. Flutter Ponies were introduced, and the second Megan and Sundance set was released. Ponies continued to come with brushes or combs, ribbons, and stickers.
     Year 4 poses: Gingerbread, Truly, Buttons, Lofty, Paradise, BBE Earth, BBE Unicorn, BBE Pegasus, Rosedust, Honeysuckle, Water Lily

Year 5

     Year 5 followed up the previous year's So Soft, Twinkle-Eye, and Flutter sets with new ones, and introduced several new types of ponies. All ponies still came with ribbons and brushes or combs, but they no longer came with scented stickers.
     Year 5 poses: Crumpet, Sugarberry, Quackers, Mimic, Locket, the three Big Brother poses, Baby Quackers, Baby Fifi, Baby Bouncy, six Newborn poses (Dangles, Shaggy, Sandcastle, Shovels, Dibbles, Nibbles), Wingsong, Cloud Puff, and the first four Pony Friends poses.
     A set of three very large newborn pony toys, the Soft Sleepy Newborns, also appeared this year.

Year 6

     Eight new pony poses were carved for Year 6, and thirteen of the older poses were also re-carved to allow for raised symbols or movable heads. Four more Pony Friend poses were made as well. Scented ponies were introduced, Summer Wings replaced Flutter Ponies, and the last set of Sea Ponies was released. Ponies came with ribbons and brushes, combs, or picks.
     Year 6 poses: two Baby Brother poses (Ribbs and Whirly Twirl), three new Newborn poses (Tappy, Yoyo, Peeks), the three Summer Wing poses, and four new Pony Friend poses. Other poses were altered for the Princess, Sundae Best, and Peek-a-Boo Baby sets.

Year 7

     Year 7 was the last big year for My Little Ponies. Many new kinds of ponies were introduced, only to be abandoned the next year, and several poses made their final US appearances. The last Megan and Sundance set was released. Several new pony poses were carved, including the three Sweet Sister poses poses and the last four pony friend poses. Two older poses, the Baby Bouncy Pose and the Powder Pose, were altered for this year, as were all of the poses used in the Merry-Go-Round set.
     Year 7 poses: the three Sweetheart Sister poses, the Countdown pose and Playtime Baby Brother head, and the last four Pony Friends poses. The original Baby Boy pose, which had been available through mail-order previously, was available in stores only in Year 7. Various poses were also altered for the Merry-Go-Round, Dance n' Prance, and Baby Fancy Pants sets.

Year 8

     Year 8 saw six new poses: four Drink n' Wet babies (Flicker, DW Cuddles, Rainfeather, Snookums), a ballerina pose and head, and the Bride pose. The rest of the Eighth Year ponies were fairly simple compared to ponies from the past two years, and each set included only four ponies rather than the six or eight that had been available for earlier sets. Only some of the Year 8 ponies came with ribbons; some ponies were sold with only one accessory.
     Additionally, two new kinds of My Little Pony toys were introduced in Year 8: the large Dream Beauties and the tiny Petite Ponies. Dream Beauties were made only during this year.

Year 9

     Six new poses were made for Year 9, three of which were larger than any previous poses, and two of which were smaller than any previous poses. While a few of these ponies came with other accessories, most came with only a brush, comb, or pick. No ponies were sold with ribbons in Year 9.
     Year 9 Poses: Bubblefish, Bunnyhop, the Secret Surprise pose, the Baby Ballerina pose, and the two Teeny Tiny poses.
     Several new sets of Petite Ponies and playsets were released in Year 9, which was the last year of Petite Ponies.

Year 10

     Year 10 was the last year for My Little Ponies in the United States, and only one new pose, the Fancy Mermaid Pony pose, was carved for this year. Year 10 sets included only two or three ponies (or, in the Teeny Tinies' case, three sets of twins). No Tenth Year ponies came with ribbons, and most came with only a brush, comb, or pick.

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