Pony Wear

     Pony Wear is a collection of clothes, costumes, jewelry, and other accessories that were made for vintage My Little Ponies. Pony Wear sets were printed from Year 2 through Year 5 in the US, and later in some other countries. These sets included clothing for adult ponies, baby ponies, and Megan, as well as accessory packs. Most Pony Wear outfits include four pony shoes, or other pony footwear such as slippers or skates. On the Pony Wear packaging, it was noted that the shoes could not be worn by Bubbles, Seashell, Medley, or Firefly, due to the fact that their hooves are molded to their bodies. It was not noted that many outfits also could not be worn by pegasus ponies on account of their wings. Certain outfits are better suited to certain poses, and do not fit well on others.

     The sets of Pony Wear listed below are not in chronological order; click the links to see pictures, accessories, and information on the years when different outfits were released.

Pony Packs

Pretty Ups

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