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      We're sisters, as you can probably tell, and we've been collecting ponies for as long as either of us can remember. Here are some pictures of Grayswandir playing with our very first My Little Ponies: Baby Bouncy, Scoops, and the Slumber Party Gift Pack.


      Baby Bloodflower really can't remember a time without My Little Ponies. She was under two years old when our collection got started in 1987.

     Ponies were all we wanted for Christmas, and as you can see, we usually got quite a few. Banana Surprise, Sugarberry, Bright Eyes, Locket, Night Glider, and Princess Sparkle are in there, as well as the pony sewing machine!

      Ever wonder how those flutter wings get broken? We've had to buy all new ones from Nora.      This is Baby Bloodflower with Wingsong. (We called her "Love Melody.")

     Grayswandir's first-ever pony toy was a fakie named Rainbow (above), but within a few years we had a good collection of real My Little Ponies as well, and even a My Pretty Pony. Rainbow is still there, too.

      Here's Baby Bloodflower again. This little cardboard pony house was something our mom made, with wallpaper and pony stickers on the outside.


Another Christmas, and more ponies for Grayswandir. Check out the Sweet Stuff sweater and My Little Pony pants, too.


      And here's Baby Bloodflower in a Lickety-Split shirt and purple pony pants.

      Another collection shot with Grayswandir.

And another Christmas photo with pony boxes for Baby Bloodflower. That's Sunspot in her hand, and a Merry Go Round box in front, and she's wearing a pair of (very itchy) pink Sniffles and Snookums pajamas, which you can see better in the photo at the top of this page.

Grayswandir and the Lickety-Split shirt.

        Grayswandir and Twirler, and the Sniffles and Snookums pajama shirt.

      This was around 1990, a couple of years before we built our first town, but Twirler was already established as the local barber, and Flowerburst and Flower Dreams were the bank tellers (keepers of the pony points). All of our boy ponies were surgeons.

      And here are a few of our first attempts at pony photography! Featuring Banana Surprise and her two daughters, Baby Soft Steps and Baby Bows.



      1990 -- Baby Bloodflower's fourth birthday, with a Glory-themed tablecloth, pony plates, pony cups, and pony napkins, and little invitations from the Party Pack.

Lemon Treats! (Or "Lemon Cakes," as we named her.)


      Our dad helps Baby Bloodflower to get Streaky out of her packaging -- but he's not exactly sure what she's for...

Grayswandir in a pink Rainbow-Curl Ringlet shirt...


      ...and Baby Bloodflower in a red and white Yum Yum shirt, hunting Easter eggs. It must be Spring of 1990 or '91.

      Grayswandir coloring in the My Little Pony All Day Long coloring book... and getting all the colors wrong.

      In 1991, we moved from Arizona to Hawaii, and of course we brought all of our collection with us (although somehow Baby Stockings and newborn Shovels were lost during the move). In Hawaii, we built our first pony-town, Baby Ponyland. Alas, we have no pictures of it... but we still remember all the babies' jobs!

Our collection before we moved to Hawaii. Well, some of our collection.
The babies seem to mostly be missing, and there are a lot of ponies hiding in the back.

      When we moved back to Arizona in 1992, we finally built a town for the adult ponies. That's our Mom on the right, helping us put together some shelves for the grocery store. Grayswandir is on the left, and Baby Bloodflower is in the middle.

      A wide shot of Ponyland, circa 1992. The various shops and businesses are lined up along the walls. Most of our ponies still have the same jobs they did when we took these pictures.

      The other side of the town. The Ranch was under the coffee table, and some of the larger horses were tied up outside. The sink was the spa.

      At Christmas, the ponies sometimes took over our living room. Here, the newborn boys are chasing the train, and "Sleepy Head" (Frosting) and our poorly painted custom babies "Trucker" and "Chance" are playing pool in the lower right corner -- Chance is the dark blue one; he's wearing casts for various injuries after falling from our balcony.

     We kept on building and improving the town over the following few years, but it seems we never took any photos of it. This is the most recent picture we have of us playing with ponies -- Baby Bloodflower on the left with "Thunder" (Baby Firefly), and Grayswandir on the right with "Miranda" (Baby Ember). Soon after this, we tore down the town and started trying to act like teenagers. The ponies haven't had proper homes or workplaces since.
      Until now. :)

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