My Little Pony Basic Wash
with Snowbelle

     Welcome to the Ponyland Salon! The first step to every pony makeover is a good wash, and this page will help you get your ponies sparkling clean. Just follow the easy steps below.

What You'll Need

     To wash your ponies, you'll only need a few simple supplies that you probably already have at home. The most important supplies are a bar of soap (or a bottle of body wash or dishsoap), a clean sponge, some shampoo and conditioner, and a dry towel.

     For dirtier ponies, you may also need a toothbrush and toothpaste, or some kind of household bleaching agent like Comet.

Step 1

     First, simply soak your pony's body and hair with water, and rinse off any surface dirt or dust.

     Note: you can safely immerse any pony in water, including So Softs and Beddy-Bye-Eye Babies, EXCEPT for the following:
     Sweet Talkin' Pony Chatterbox
     Sweet Talkin Pony Talk-a-Lot
     UK Princess Sparkle
     The Tenth Anniversary Birthday Pony.

     The Sweet Talkin' Ponies and Sparkle are battery operated, and the Birthday Pony has strips of foil with paper backing in her hair. These ponies should be carefully washed with a wet cloth.

Step 2

     The next step is to clean your pony with soap. You can use regular bar soap or body wash, dish soap, or hair shampoo.

     Clean the pony with a washcloth or the soft side of a sponge. Be sure to clean her hair thoroughly as well, using either soap or shampoo.

Step 3

     If there are still some dirty spots or surface stains, you may want to try using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste on your pony. Be gentle when using a toothbrush around pony symbols and eyes, or on So Soft Ponies. Stronger cleaning agents like Comet may also help to remove stains and marks.

     Keep in mind that some marks can't be washed off (see the restoration page for information on removing paint and pen marks, etc.).

Step 4

     Rinse off the soap, and then put conditioner in your pony's hair. Make sure to condition the hair thoroughly; conditioner will help make the hair full, smooth, and shiny, and will also help it to keep its shape.

     Leave the conditioner in your pony's hair for five or ten minutes.

Step 5

     Finally, rinse your pony again, and make sure you get all of the conditioner out of her hair. Dry her off with a clean towel, and let her hair dry naturally. Now you have a fresh, clean, beautiful pony!

     Maybe you'll want to style her hair now?


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