Petite Ponies
       Petite Ponies, part of the vintage MLP collection, are the smallest My Little Ponies ever made. They were printed in Year 8 and Year 9, around the time that production of new regular-sized My Little Ponies started to drop off. The Petites came in six poses -- five Earth Pony poses and one Pegasus pose. There were no Petite unicorns.

       Each Petite is made of hard plastic and stands on a small circular platform the same color as her body. This platform helps her to stay upright, but it has another use as well: on the underside of the platform is a deep groove in the shape of a horseshoe. By fitting this groove over horseshoe-shaped "locks" in the Petite playsets, you could use any Petite Pony as a key for opening doors or operating tiny machinery.

       Click on the Petite Pony sets below for pictures, colors, symbols, and playset accessory information. More information on playsets and Year 9 Petites will be added as we acquire more pictures. If you have any you'd like to share, please let us know!

Year 8

       The first Petite Ponies were released in Year 8. There were three sets of Petites with plastic manes and tails molded onto their bodies, and three sets of Petites with long, brushable tails made of pony hair. There were also eight Petite playsets: three houses, three shops, and two larger structures, the Carousel and the Palace. All of these playsets came with furniture and one or two Petite ponies. No Petite playsets were printed after Year 8 in the US, nor were any Petite Ponies with molded plastic tails.

Year 9

       Year 9 was the second and final year of Petite Ponies. Nine sets were released, each belonging to one of three types: Twinkle, Bright Sight, or Glowing Magic Ponies. All of the Year 9 Petite Ponies had brushable tails. It is not clear exactly which ponies came together in each of these three groups; we have grouped them as they are commonly grouped by collectors. (If you have any information about Petite Pony groups, or mint-in-package photos, please email us!)

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Twinkle Ponies III

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Bright Sight Ponies III


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