UK Princess Sparkle

     Princess Sparkle is the only European exclusive princess pony (not including variations on the US princesses). She is one of only three electronic ponies ever printed, including the two US Sweet-Talkin' Ponies. Turning a yellow bow on the side of her neck causes fiber optic strands extending from her crown to light up. Like the US Secret Surprise Ponies, she wears a molded saddle on her back and has stars in her eyes.

UK Princess Sparkle
*Photo by Dancing Butterflies. Used with permission.*

     Princess Sparkle is an adult earth pony with a pink body full of multicolored glitter. Her hair is lavender with multicolored metallic tinsel. She is in a variation of the Posey Pose, with a plastic cape and crown attached to her body. The cape is dark pink and is trimmed with a band of white with pink hearts. Her eyes are pink and blue, and she wears purple eyeshadow. On her head is a yellow plastic crown with a spray of fiber-optic strands, which light up and change color; to operate the fiber-optic headpiece, you turn the yellow bow on the band of yellow plastic which is molded around her neck. Like the US Secret Surprise Ponies (who also wear molded saddles), she has stars in her eyes.
     Princess Sparkle came with a princess pick.

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