Playsets and Accessories


Dream Castle
Paradise Estate
Pretty Parlor or Brush Me Beautiful Boutique
Bed and Crib Set
Show Stable
Baby Buggy or Baby Princess Sparkle's Buggy
Perm Shoppe
Poof n' Puff Perfume Palace
Sweet Dreams Crib

Individual Pony Accessories

Princess Serena's purple wand, aqua hat, and pink Booshwoolie, Cheerie
Princess Royal Blue's purple wand, purple hat, and pink Booshwoolie, Eager
Princess Tiffany's purple hat and blue Booshwoolie, Friendly
Princess Primrose's dark blue wand, purple hat, and yellow Booshwoolie, Chumster

Barnacle's pirate hat and yellow bandana
4-Speed's hardhat and purple bandana
Quarterback's helmet and pink bandana
Slugger's baseball cap and blue bandana
Chief's fire hat
Wig Wam's headdress
Salty's green bandana
Tex's blue bandana
Steamer's yellow bandana

Seabreeze's mint green conch shell
High Tide's and lavender clam shell
Whitecap's and pink conch shell
Wave Jumper's and green conch shell
Sea Mist's and dark pink conch shell
Sand Dollar's and aqua clam shell

Wavy's and pink and green frog float
Sea Breeze's and pink and purple lobster float
Backstroke's aqua and orange fish float
Foamy's blue and yellow frog float
Seawinkle's pink and green alligator float
Beach Comber's pink and green alligator float

Cha Cha's pink ruffle
Daisy Dancer's blue ruffle
Pretty Belle's yellow ruffle

So-Soft Sundance's pink bridle

Leaper's pink bandana
Waddles' green bandana
Paws' yellow bandana
Countdown's blue bandana
Drummer's red bandana

Baby Bows' purple bow

10th Anniversary Birthday Pony's gift box and charm

Half Note's green guitar brush
Pretty Beat's yellow guitar brush

Twirler's aqua boa
D.J.'s magenta boa
Swinger's white boa
Tap Dancer's pinkish-purple boa

Splish's green float
Splash's yellow float
Splosh's pink float

School-Time Ponies' school bags

Jazzie's earphones and walkman belt set
Hip Hop's earphones and walkman belt set
Melody's earphones and walkman belt set
Jazzie, Hip Hop, or Melody's pony sunglasses

Pretty Puff's saddle
Secret Star's saddle

Pony Outfits

Hearts and Candy valentines outfit
Milk n' Cookies outfit/set
Bunny Suit
Lion Suit
Pony Workout -- baby outfit

Purple MLP purse (from Flashprance outfit)
Aqua pony cape with heart (from Country Jamboree outfit)
Hooded pony jacket (from Ice Princess outfit)
Pony ice skates (from Ice Princess outfit)
Knitted ski-cap (from Hit the Slopes outfit)
Pony goggles (from Hit the Slopes outfit)

Random Pony Accessories

Pony television (from Slumber Party set or Paradise Estate set)
Pony milk (from Slumber Party set or Paradise Estate set)

Pony toaster (from Paradise Estate set)
Pink long-neck bottles (from Paradise Estate set)
Table lamp and shade (from Paradise Estate set)
Floor lamp and shade (from Paradise Estate set)

Pink lacy blanket and pillow (from Baby Buggy set)
Lacy buggy trim (from Baby Buggy set)
Buggy parasol and stem (from Baby Buggy set)

Small pink bathtub (from Lullaby Nursery set)
White bath towel (from Lullaby Nursery set)

Felt pony-print blanket (from Rock-a-Bye Bed set)
Alarm clock (from Rock-a-Bye Bed set)
Pony hair curlers (from Rock-a-Bye Bed set)
Star-shaped sponge (from Scrub-a-Dub Tub set)

Pony mobile (from Sweet Dreams Crib set)
Small felt printed blanket (from Sweet Dreams Crib set)

Desks (from Schoolhouse set)
Globe (from Schoolhouse set)

Cups (from Kitchen set)
Cookie-cutters (from Kitchen set)
Pots and pans (from Kitchen set)
Rolling pin (from Kitchen set)
Cupcakes and pie (from Kitchen set)
Mixing bowl (from Kitchen set)
Tongs (from Kitchen set)
Spoon (from Kitchen set)
Pizza cutter (from Kitchen set)

Blue cups and saucers (from Sweet Clover set)

Pony sunglasses (from Good Weather set)
Pony drinking glasses (from Good Weather set)
Pony bucket and shovel (from Good Weather set)
Pony beach ball (from Good Weather set)
Pony mesh bag (from Good Weather set)

Baby Pony Stroller (International playset piece)

Pony cribs (came with first-year babies)
Pony rockers (came with first-year babies)
Pony toothpaste and toothbrushes (came with first-tooth babies)
Pony bibs (came with first-tooth ponies)
Pony xylophones and sticks (came with various baby ponies)
Pony stacking toy (came with various baby ponies)
Pony wagon (came with Fleecy and Wooly or Pockets and Hoppy)
Pony sandbox (came with some newborns and pony pals)
Pony dishes and/or spoons (came with baby ponies and teeny tinies)

Newborn pony snail rockers (came with some newborn twins)
Newborn pony bassinet (came with Nibbles and Dibbles or Milkweed and Tumbleweed)
Newborn pony stroller (came with Rattles and Tattles or Sniffles and Snookums)
Brushes and combs

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