Mike, owner of Sports Time sports shop, with his nephew Krinkle.

      Mike's sports shop is the one and only place in Ponyland to buy outdoor games and sporting equipment. In the old days, when everyone in town had to work long hours to keep food on the table, sports were considered a luxury, and anything that wasn't in stock at the toy store had to be special ordered from other towns. But thanks to Mike, ponies can now buy everything they need right in town.

      The most popular items are always the sports balls: basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and g-balls are popular with adults and children alike.

Mischief picks out a basketball.
Tiddley Winks and his mom.

      Some sports are less popular than others, but Mike still keeps equipment in stock for the few ponies who might want to buy it. Baby Tiddley Winks loves volleyball -- he just needs to find someone to play with him!

      Baseball isn't a big sport in Ponyland either, but Baby Bootsie hopes to be a professional player someday, so he always wants the best equipment.

Bootsie and his "dad," Kite Flier.
Leaper looks for a new skateboard.

      Now that Ponyland has its own skate park, skateboarding has taken off, and everyone is looking to buy a board. Leaper has seven already!

      Sports Time sports shop also carries the popular pony magazine Blazin' Bikes & Boards, which many baby ponies used to special order from out of town. It includes full-color posters and information on the hottest new styles in skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, scooters, and all kinds of bicycles.

Tiddley Winks checks out the latest issue.
Steamer eyes a new hunting rifle.

      Against the wishes of many parents, Mike's sports shop also carries hunting equipment and other weapons. The small shop supplies the police station and the palace guard, as well as ponies like Steamer who enjoy hunting and fishing for sport.

      Sky Rocket, a clerk at the shop, specializes in hunting, fishing, and camping gear, and other outdoor supplies. He also repairs and sells motorcycles through the shop.

Sky Rocket at the sales counter.
Waddles chooses a new bike to ride to school.

      Bicycles are another hot item at Sports Time. Mike sells mountain bikes and racing bikes as well as trainer bikes for kids who are just learning to ride.

      Mike himself used to own a bicycle shop, so building and repairing bikes is his specialty.

Mike replaces a damaged tire.
Chopper would love to take up water sports.

      Although Ponyland is a long way from the ocean, Mike also keeps surf and body boards in stock, for ponies who plan to travel. For the winter months, he sells ice skates and pony skiis.

      Fireworks is in charge of inventory at the sports shop. His favorite sport is hockey.

Fireworks at work
Braided Beauty at work.

      Braided Beauty, another clerk, is no princess, in spite of her name. She loves all kinds of sports, and enjoys helping parents to pick out the right equipment for their children -- or themselves.

      Everyone at Sports Time loves to play, which makes it a favorite stop for children and adults alike, whether they need any new sporting equipment or not. Mike and his staff are always happy to pass the time of day with whoever comes in. The sports shop isn't the most lucrative business in Ponyland, but one thing's for certain: everyone who works there has a lot of fun.

Mike at work -- or play.


Tic Tac Toe and his mom, searching for a new football.

Waddles prefers basketball.

Lightning and Storm love sports; they'll play almost anything.

Fireworks, inventory manager.
Mike fixes another bicycle.

Quarterback's whole family loves to play sports.

Brightbow picks a ball.

Magic Star shops for her son.


Fireworks, Mike.

Sky Rocket, Braided Beauty.

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