Gingerbread, owner and manager of Ponyland's bakery.

      Gingerbread's Bakery may look like a small shop, but it's always bustling with customers. Everyone in Ponyland comes to the bakery for fresh bread, cakes, cookies, and all kinds of baked goods.

      The bakery is also a popular place to have breakfast and lunch. The shop sells coffee, tea, donuts, rolls, and cake by the slice.

Henna having breakfast at the bakery.
Wiggles is sure Santa won't mind if a few cookies are missing.

      Holidays are always especially busy. At Christmas, the bakery sells gingerbread and sugar cookies for the baby ponies to leave out for Santa.

      On Valentine's Day, heart-shaped cakes and cookies are all the rage.

Chief, just in from the flower shop, picks up a cake for Mirror Mirror. He's covering all his bases.
Blitzen buys a loaf of bread.

      But all year round, fresh-baked bread is the mainstay of Gingerbread Bakery. White bread, rye bread, honey wheat, French, Italian, sourdough, buttermilk, raisin, pumpernickel -- just take your pick.

      Cakes and donuts are always popular with the baby ponies, and they're great for parties.

Baby Explorer selects a donut with sprinkles.
Bluebelle and her daughter Gusty buy a basket of cookies.

      Cookies are also popular year round, for parties, snacks, and gifts.

      Baby ponies love the specially iced birthday cakes at Gingerbread Bakery.

Blossom gets ready for a birthday party.
Sparkles picks up her sister's wedding cake.

      On rare occasions, the bakers even have the opportunity to display their skill at designing wedding cakes.

      The bakery works closely with the Ponyland Cafe, exchanging pastries for coffees and teas, so both shops can provide everything their customers want. Sweet stuff, the bakery's head clerk, manages trades and bulk sales.

North Star buying cookies to sell at the cafe.
Napper poses with the tools of her trade.

      Napper is the head baker. She loves trying new recipes, but there's so much bread to make that she rarely finds time.

      Princess is a baker and clerk at the shop. She loves to decorate with icing, and specializes in holiday cakes and cookies.

Princess makes a Christmas sale.
Jellyfish clearing plates from the tables.

      Jellyfish also helps with the baking. She works mornings, and enjoys baking breakfast foods like pastries, donuts, bagels, and croissants.

      It's not easy to bake for a whole town, and Gingerbread and her staff work longer hours than many other ponies in Ponyland, but Gingerbread is sure she'll soon find other talented bakers and cake decorators to join the business. Together, she and her staff keep Ponyland well supplied with everyone's favorite cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, and breads, every day of the year.

Gingerbread takes a lunch break.


Moondancer buys a gift basket of cookies.

Strawberry Cream picks out a Valentine's Day cake.

Gingerbread ices a cake.

Buttons stops in for a loaf of bread.

Glider inspects the goodies on display.
Drummer picks out a Valentine's Day cake to share with his girlfriend.

Apple Cider and her daughter eating cupcakes.

Sherbet picking up a cake she's ordered.

Lily buying a loaf of fresh bread.

Frosty looks for a cake for Peachy.


Napper, Gingerbread, and Princess.

Sweet Stuff, Surprise, and Jellyfish.

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