Bowtie and her family have been taking pictures! Come have a peek inside the lives of Mommy Bowtie, Baby Fifi, Baby Shaggy, and twins Hugs and Tugs!

     Bowtie is a single mother and works full time as a manager at The Siamese Cat pet shop. Often when she gets home in the evening, her three-year-old son Shaggy helps her cook dinner for the family. Here they all are together enjoying a simple meal.

     Tonight Shaggy helped his mom make mashed potatoes. Shaggy always wants to help out around the house, but since he's so small, he often gets in the way.

     Shaggy's older sister Fifi is not nearly as helpful. In fact, she takes much pride in playing pranks and getting into trouble. Tonight she brought her slingshot to dinner to fling vegetables accross the table.

     Hugs and Tugs are almost as mischievous as there older sister, fifi. Tugs brought his toy car with him to dinner tonight to play with while his food gets cold.

     Hugs brought her pet rat, Tony, to the dinner table. Most every night, Hugs tries to bring the rat, even though Bowtie always scolds her for it.

     Tonight the rat almost escaped before Bowtie noticed it. What if the cat had found it first!

     After dinner, Hugs took Tony back upstairs to her room and put him back in his cage.

     Tugs finally finished his dinner and came upstairs to play with his toys, while Bowtie and Shaggy cleaned up the kitchen.

     Between work and home, there seem to be endless messes for Bowtie to clean up.

     Shaggy helped out as much as he could, but Bowtie soon sent him upstairs to check on his baby sister and brother, to see what kind of trouble they were getting into.

     When Shaggy went upstairs, Hugs and Tugs were quietly drawing in their room.

     Hugs and Tugs both love to draw and color. It's a great game to keep the kids quiet and happy, until the crayon gets all over the walls!

     Shaggy picked out Robin Hood for the twins' bedtime story tonight. It's one of Shaggy's favorite stories, and the kids love his enthusiasm when he reads to them.

     Meanwhile, Fifi's friend Bouncy had come to visit, distracting Fifi from her homework. They turned up the stereo so loud Bowtie could hear it downstairs.

     Bowtie came upstairs to tuck the twins in bed. Bowtie is so proud of her children, look at what talented little artists they're becoming.

     After Bouncy went home, Bowtie and Fifi helped Tugs put up his newest picture on display. When Bowtie saves up enough money, she wants to get some of the kids' artwork framed.

     Fifi isn't much into girly stuff like princess crowns and make-up, but she's always happy to entertain her little sister.

     Doesn't little Hugs look adorable all dressed up?

     Finally, Bowtie convinced Fifi to finish up her homework and get to sleep. Fifi isn't afraid to ask for help when she needs it, and even though Shaggy is only three, he still makes a good tutor.

     Even though her kids can be a handful, Bowtie loves them more than anything in the world.

Thanks for visiting Bowtie and her family! Come back soon!

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