Sunday, January 15, 2006 

Posey Attacked
Report by Waverunner

     POSEY, 26, landscape architect and mother of two, was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon after suffering severe gashes and puncture wounds to both of her right hooves. It appears that she was attacked by some kind of wild animal, but the details are still unclear.
     "I don't remember much," Posey told investigative reporter Waverunner as she left the hospital. "I'd gone just a little ways outside the Ponyland walls to do some landscaping. I was by myself. Suddenly, something leapt on me from behind. I tried to run. I didn't see what it was."
     According to Posey, this all happened in broad daylight, at about 9:00 AM -- an unusual time for local predators to be out hunting. Posey's friend and co-worker Up Up and Away told the Press, "I just can't believe it. I've never seen anything bigger than a hare this close to the new town. We all thought it was safe here."
     But Steamer, who spent the morning in surgery repairing Posey's mutilated legs, corroborates her suspicion that the perpetrator was some kind of animal. "I've seen wounds like those before," says Steamer, "and I'd put my money on some kind of wild dog, and a big one, at that. One thing's for sure, it took some mighty powerful jaws to do damage like that."
     At the scene of the attack, Beach Ball, Head of Investigations, has been weighing the evidence since yesterday. There isn't much: just Posey's gardening supplies strewn haphazardly over the ground, and an overturned pail of landscaping stones. Nearby, a few potted plants and packets of flower seeds lie undisturbed. Yet according to Beach Ball, "It isn't hard to put together what happened here."
     Beach Ball has been talking to the only witness: Princess Tiffany, whose room in the palace overlooks the part of the valley where the attack took place.      "I didn't see the animal myself," Tiffany admits, "but I heard it. First there was a scream, and then a terrible growling sound. I ran to the window, but by the time I looked out, it was gone. I saw Posey on the ground, and her legs... oh, it was awful! I called my husband (Barnacle, a member of the hospital staff) right away."
     Barnacle reports having found Posey unconscious but still holding her gardening shovel. "She may not remember using the shovel in defense," says Beach Ball, "but she must have fended off her attacker somehow. It didn't stick around."
     But why did it attack at all? In an on-site interview with the Press, Tiffany showed us a deep, narrow crevice in the rock face, which police now believe to be the animal's dwelling place. "Posey was digging very close to this hole," explains Beach Ball. "The animal may have felt threatened, and responded out of fear."
     And will it come back?
     "We hope so," Beach Ball says. "Otherwise we may never find it. For now, ponies are advised to remain within the town walls at night, and not to travel alone until more information is uncovered. We don't want this to happen again."
     As for Posey, she is at home now with her children, and hopes to return to work as soon as possible. She is expected to make a full recovery, although Steamer warns that "the wounds were very deep. There will be scars."

     Posey says, "I'm just happy I'm still here."

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