Photo Raffle Winners

First of all, let me just say thank you so much to everyone who sent in pictures for the Photo Raffle. Originally, we were only planning on drawing one name for this raffle, because we had no idea so many people would participate. We were expecting to get fifty, maybe a hundred photos at most. Instead, we got over 1400 photos. Many were duplicates, obviously, but still -- 1400 photos! Absolutely amazing.

Since we got so many pictures, we decided to draw five raffle tickets instead of one. The first place winners will get to choose a prize first, the second place winner will get second pick, and so on, until all five winners have had a chance to pick a pony.

And the winners of the raffle are:

Congratulations, guys! If you're one of the winners, start thinking about which pony on the Prize Page you'd like. We'll be contacting all the winners today so that we can figure out where to send the ponies. (Note that winners have one week to respond; if we don't hear from you by next Saturday, we'll choose someone else.)

Also, even if you are not one of the winners, we would still love to send you a thank you card! Just drop us an email or a PM with your address, and we'll put a card in the mail for you.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone. We're looking forward to holding more raffles and other contests in the future!

(Oh, and in case you're wondering how we made up 1400 raffle tickets -- lucky for us, we didn't have to! We used a program called The Hat, which allows you to import a list from a text file, shuffle the names, and choose as many as you want at random. Much easier than cutting out 1400 paper tickets!)


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