Photos Still Needed

We always love receiving photo submissions, or permission to use other collectors' auction, sale, or gallery photos. Right now, we're especially interested in getting more photos of Dream Beauties, Charms, international ponies, and MIP ponies. Below is a complete list of the photos we're hoping someone may be willing to share with us.

My Little Ponies | MIP Ponies & Back Cards | Other Ponies & Playsets | MLP Merchandise

My Little Ponies

We still need photos of the following ponies:


  • Daisy Sweet (white hair)


  • Sea Breeze
  • Sea Mist
  • Baby Beach Comber
  • Baby Seashore


  • Magenta Satin n' Lace
  • MO Sky Rocket
  • MO Sunspot
  • MO Twinkler
  • Baby Gametime
  • Stockings the Holiday Pony


  • Lavender Woosie
  • White Windy
  • NSS Paradise
  • Sea Spray (Baby Sea Pony)
  • Surf Dancer (Baby Sea Pony)
  • Baby Abacus
  • Patch
  • Hair-do Starlight
  • Kiss n' Tell
  • Splish (orange)
  • Splash (green)
  • Surprise Newborn Bouncy
  • Surprise Newborn Snoozy
  • Surprise Twins Babies


  • Raindrop
  • Baby Blubberchen
  • Baby Wurfelchen
  • Baby Moondancer with non-glittery symbol
  • Baby Glory with non-glittery symbol
  • Baby Surprise with non-glittery symbol


  • Dutch Rabbit Pony
  • Dutch Diary Pony


  • Any Australian Birthflower Ponies

Other International Ponies

  • Any Greek, Italian, Spanish, Peruvian, Argentinian, Mexican, Brazilian, Macau, or other international ponies

MIP Ponies and Back Cards

We still need photos of the following ponies MIP and/or their back cards:


  • MIP Flatfoot Ponies: any
  • MIP Collector Ponies: any
  • MIP Earth Ponies: Posey
  • MIP Unicorn Ponies: Glory
  • MIP Pegasus Ponies: Heart Throb, Surprise
  • MIP Rainbow Ponies: Pinwheel, Trickles
  • MIP Megan and Sundance: Non-So-Soft, TAF
  • MIP Molly and Baby Sundance
  • MIP playsets: Dream Castle, Perm Shoppe, Baby Crumpet and Pony Purse
  • MIP So-Soft Ponies: Magic Star, Skippity-Doo, SS Gusty, SS Heart Throb, Twilight
  • MIP Twinkle-Eyed Ponies: Sweet Stuff, Sweet Pop, Bright Eyes
  • MIP Big Brother Ponies: Quarterback, Tex, Slugger, Salty, Barnacle
  • MIP Princess Ponies: any from any set
  • MIP TAF Ponies: Yum Yum, Buttons, Bonnie Bonnets, Night Glider, Merriweather, Muncy
  • MIP Brush n' Grow Ponies: any
  • MIP Happy Tails Ponies: Tabby, Squeezer, Tossels, Woosie, Tall Tails
  • MIP Magic Message Ponies: Cloud Dreamer, Windy, Floater
  • MIP Sweetberry Ponies: Blueberry Baskets, Raspberry Jam, Cherry Treats, Cranberry Muffins, Strawberry Surprise
  • MIP Merry-Go-Round Ponies: Brilliant Blossoms
  • MIP Sunshine Ponies: Seaflower, Sand Digger
  • MIP Perfume Puff Ponies: Red Roses, Dainty Dahlia, Sweet Lily, Daisy Sweet
  • MIP Princess Brush n' Grow Ponies: Skylark, Brilliant Bloom, Glittering Gem
  • MIP Dance n' Prance: Tap Dancer
  • MIP Loving Family: Sweet Celebrations Family
  • MIP Tropical Ponies: Tootie Tails, Pina Colada, Hula Hula
  • MIP Rainbow Curl Ponies: Stripes
  • MIP Ballerina Ponies: Posey Rose, Silky Slipper, Twinkle Dancer
  • MIP Glow n' Show Ponies: any
  • MIP Precious Pocket Ponies: Sweet Pocket, Bubblefish, Bunny Hop
  • MIP Secret Surprise Ponies: any
  • MIP Sweet Talkin' Ponies: Chatterbox
  • MIP Flower Fantasy Ponies: any
  • MIP Sweet Kisses Ponies: Ruby Lips, Lovin' Kisses
  • MIP Colorswirl Ponies: any
  • MIP Sundazzle Ponies: Sunbeam, Sunglory
  • MIP Soda Sippin' Ponies: any
  • MIP Pony Brides: any
  • MIP Merry Treat
  • MIP Firefly with VHS
  • MIP 10th Anniversary Birthday Pony
  • MIP Sweetheart Sisters: Spring Song, Flowerburst, Fancy Flower, Frilly Flower
  • MIP Glittery SHS Ponies: Bright Night, Starflash
  • MIP Prom Queen SHS Ponies: any
  • MIP Pretty Ponies: any


  • MIP original Baby Ponies: any
  • MIP BBE Ponies: any, including playsets
  • MIP First-Tooth Babies: Bouncy, Tic-Tac-Toe, Fifi, Lickety-Split, North Star
  • MIP Newborns and Newbron Twins: Jabber & Jebber, Sandcastle & Shovels, Big Top & Toppy, Speckles & Bunkie, Sniffles & Snookums, Milkweed & Tumbleweed, Nibbles & Dibbles, Noodles & Doodles, Jangles & Tangles, Squirmy, Yoyo
  • MIP Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies: Graffiti, Noddins, Ribbs
  • MIP Fancy-Pants Baby Ponies: Bows, Splashes, Glider, Dots n' Hearts, Sunnybunch
  • MIP Playtime Baby Brothers: Waddles
  • MIP Ponies and Pretty Pals: Lucky Leaf & Leafy, Pockets & Hoppy
  • MIP Drink n' Wet Babies: any
  • MIP Baby Rainbow Ponies: Starbow
  • MIP Baby Ballerinas: Toe Dancer, Sweet Steps, Soft Steps
  • MIP Teeny Tinies and Teeny Tiny Twins: any
  • MIP Paradise Baby Ponies: Palm Tree, Beach Ball
  • MIP Baby Princess Sparkle


  • MIP Flutter Ponies: Rose Dust, Lily
  • MIP Summer/Windy Wing Ponies: Lady Flutter, Little Flitter, Moon Jumper, Starry Wings, Cool Breeze
  • MIP Adult Sea Ponies: Wave Dancer, Sea Breeze, White Cap, Wave Jumper
  • MIP Baby Sea Ponies: Surf Rider, Tiny Bubbles, Sea Shimmer
  • MIP Pretty n' Pearly Baby Sea Ponies: Sea Shimmer, Surf Rider, Sunshower, Water Lily, Beachcomber
  • MIP Seasparkle Baby Sea Ponies: any
  • MIP Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies: Foamy, Misty, Seashore, Seawinkle
  • MIP Fancy Mermaid Ponies: any
  • MIP Pony Friends: Cutesaurus, Cha Cha, Creamsicle


  • MIP Baby Ember: any
  • MIP Birthflower Ponies: Lily of the Valley, Morning Glory, Chrysanthemum, Holly
  • MIP Wedding Ponies: any
  • MIP Mail Order Sparkle Ponies: Sunspot, Sky Rocket
  • MIP Pearlized Babies: any
  • MIP Scribbles
  • MIP Li'l Sweetcake and Li'l Cupcake
  • MIP TAF Baby Ponies: any
  • MIP Mommy and Baby Pony
  • MIP Valentines Baby Ponies: any
  • Other Mail order ponies: MIP Li'l Tot, Stockings, Baby Blue Ribbon, Clipper, Goldilocks, Sweet Scoops, Rapunzel


  • Any, including UK, German, French, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Australian, Mexican, Peruvian, Argentinean, Brazilian...

Other Ponies and Playsets

Petite Ponies

  • Twinkle Ponies: any
  • Bright Sight Ponies: any
  • Glowing Magic Ponies: any
  • Petites that came with shops/houses: Floater (green w/ yellow hair), Sundrop (white w/ yellow hair)
  • Petite Shops: any
  • Petite houses: any

Plush Ponies

  • Plush Applause Cotton Candy

Dream Beauties

  • Rainbow Beauties: Wind Sweeper, Sky Splasher
  • Showtime Beauties: Mayfair
  • Trim n' Grow Beauties: Sheertrimmer, Mane Waves, Spritzy
  • Sweet Perfume Beauties: Colormist, Colorglow, Song Rider, Fair Flier
  • High Flying Beauties: Skyflier, Windwalker

My Little Kitty, Puppy, and Bunny

  • My Little Kitties: any
  • My Little Puppies: any
  • My Little Bunnies: any


  • Show Stable
  • Dream Castle
  • Lullabye Nursery
  • Perfume Palace
  • Rock-a-Bye Bed
  • Sweet Dreams Crib

MLP Merchandise

There's too much other MLP merchandise to list it all, but basically, we're looking for photos of anything you don't already see in the Merchandise section of the site, including games, puzzles, clocks and watches, clothes, bedding, lunchboxes, tote bags, posters, etc.

We're also looking for photos of any books not already listed on the storybooks and coloring books pages.


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