Best Friend Ponies

     The Best Friend Ponies are three baby ponies with animal symbols, each of whom came with a pet puppy, kitty, or bunny made in the same molds as the My Little Kitty, Puppy, and Bunny sets sold in the US. They are all earth ponies with solid-colored hair and solid-colored symbols.

Baby Susie
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Baby Susie is a blue baby earth pony with eyes. Her hair is light yellow. Her symbol is a yellow dog playing with a yellow ball. She is in the Baby Ember Pose.
     Baby Susie came with a yellow dog with blue spots, resembling the puppies from the My Little Puppy collection.

Baby Billie
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Baby Billie is a hot pink baby earth pony with green eyes. Her hair is an unusual shade of bright lavender. Her symbol is a purple bunny eating a purple carrot. She is in the Baby Blossom Pose.
     Baby Billie came with a purple and pink rabbit, resembling the baby bunnies from the My Little Bunny collection.

Baby Katie
*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Baby Katie is a yellow baby earth pony with blue eyes. Her hair is dark pink. Her symbol is a dark pink cat with dark pink hearts around its head. She is in the Baby Ember Pose.
     Baby Susie came with a pink cat with yellow stripes, resembling the kittens from the My Little Kitty collection.

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