Megan and Sundance

     The Megan and Sundance set included Megan (a human character from the My Little Pony movies and shows) and the pony Sundance. They were printed between 1984 and 1985. Megan and Sundance were printed in three different variations over the years, and many different sets of clothing were made for them and sold separately in stores. More information on Megan and Sundance's accessories is coming soon.

*Photo by Ponyland Press*

     Sundance is a white adult earth pony with pink hair and blue eyes. Her symbol is a pink tracery pattern including four symmetrical heart shapes (view). She is in the Bow-Tie Pose. Sundance was later released as a So-Soft pony, and in an alternate pose as a Twice as Fancy pony. A Baby Sundance was printed in Year 4.
     Accessory info coming soon.

*Photo by Dancing Butterflies. Used with permission.*

     Megan is a young girl with blond, curly hair and blue eyes. She was later released with So-Soft Sundance and with Twice-as-Fancy Sundance. Information on her clothing and accessories is coming soon.

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